The Cropsmith Advantage
Research Pays!

Documenting valid product benefits is essential when taking a product to market or building market share. Unbiased documentation of product performance will demonstrate value to the end user. Having third party data is a part of a marketing strategy that can enhance appeal of your products.

Research is gathering of data, information, and facts for the advancement of knowledge.
New Product Development
  • Biological and chemical products
  • Broadcast, banded, in-furrow, foliar and side-dress application
  • Seed treatments, granular and liquid applications
  • Rate and application timing trials
Promotion Research
  • Competitive product comparisons
  • Demonstration plots
  • Strip trials
  • Provide supporting data for rate and timing recommendations
Keys to Research
Products in targeted types of environments
Experimental products with competitor's products
Product performance with unbiased, replicated yield trials
Potential yield benefits of experimental products with accurate data analysis
GIS Expertise
  • Plot plans RCB or other plot design
  • Treatment maps
  • Topography
  • RTK precision mapping
  • Custom spatial analysis
  • Aerial photos
  • Yield analysis
Data Management
  • Quality control
  • Data extraction and conversion
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Factor analysis
  • Charts and graphs
Field Observations
  • Leaf stage
  • Root, stalk, leaf, and ear sampling
  • Plant height
  • Stalk diameter
  • Root area
  • Population
  • Vigor
  • Growth stage
  • Emergence
  • Yield
  • Moisture
  • Appearance
Site Selection
  • Tailored to research goals
  • Wide variety of soil types and fertility levels available
  • Tillage systems
  • Rotation
  • Multiple site years
  • Detailed soil analysis
Specialized Equipment
  • Dry banding
  • Liquid banding
  • Dry in-furrow
  • Liquid in-furrow
  • Small plot NH3 applicator
  • Foliar applications
  • RTK positioning for planting and product applications
  • Seed treatments
  • Impregnated fertilizers
  • Co-application of products
  • Deep soil testing equipment
  • Small plot harvesters corn, soybean
  • Special equipment design capabilities
  • Precision Planting row units