About Cropsmith

Cropsmith is a crop research and nitrogen management company based on the need to take soil nitrogen supply into account when making nitrogen recommendations.

Why did we start a company to manage nitrogen? 

We saw a need!

  • ~95 million corn acres in U.
  • Ave lbs per acre ~150 lbs per acre @ $.55
  • 14.2 Billion lbs of N
  • 7.8 Billion Cost of Nitrogen Each Year
About us

Cropsmith Team

Tim Smith

Smith is the managing agronomist for Cropsmith. Previously he was a visiting research specialist in soil fertility at the University of Illinois. He was working with Dr. Richard Mulvaney and Dr. Saeed Khan on research related to improving nitrogen use efficiency in crop production. The primary emphasis is on development of the ISNT to improve nitrogen recommendations for corn, especially as related to site-specific application. He has extensive knowledge of the ISNT laboratory procedure. Smith has worked with Dr. Tim Ellsworth and Dr. Charlie Boast on the spatial and temporal aspect of the ISNT and sampling to improve map quality. He has developed Cropsmith's independent lab for the analysis of soil samples using the ISNT procedure. Smith has experience as a marketing information manager for a farmer owned cooperative with over eight million dollars in sales. He has developed precision application programs that benefited farmers by reducing fertilizer usage and increasing yields. Smith is a Certified Crop Adviser and Certified Professional Agronomist and has 20 years of experience working directly with producers on fertility related issues. He has wide-ranging knowledge of variable rate application equipment and software.

Jonathan Norvell

Norvell provides farm management and economic analysis expertise to the Cropsmith team. Norvell is also a farm manager and agricultural economist at the University of Illinois. He has held this position since 1989. His primary responsibility is the management of farm properties that have been endowed to the University of Illinois. Norvell’s current research interests include the utilization of GIS and varied rate fertilizer in farm management, biotech crop economics and the adoption of hybrids and varieties. His teaching experience includes co-teaching a professional farm management course in the Department of Agricultural Economics from 1989-1993. In 1994, he revised and taught the introductory farm management course. Norvell holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. His area of specialization is Agribusiness Management. Norvell is an active member of the American Society of Professional Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA). He received the Society's Accredited Farm Manager (AFM) designation in 1993. He became a certified instructor for the ASFMRA in 1994 and co-taught the Advanced Farm Management course. He has served on many committees and from 1998-2004 he served as Secretary-Treasurer and Board member for the Illinois Chapter.

Quentin Rund

Quentin B. Rund (Obituary - Piatt County Journal-Republican)
July 22, 1964 - February 5, 2022
(Piatt County Journal-Republican)

Rund coordinates the mapping and data analysis for Cropsmith. Rund is an experienced GIS analyst and trainer of ArcView GIS and ArcMap software from ESRI. He works with crop researchers, consultants, and farmers on experimental design and analysis. Rund works with farm managers and appraisers creating farm maps and soil productivity index maps for farm properties. He works with businesses on general data analysis, sales tracking, equipment logistics and customer/market studies. Rund also manages the Cropsmith website design and development including the file exchange and other database driven elements. Rund received his B.S. (1988) in Agriculture Science from the University of Illinois and M.S. (1996) in Technology Training and Development from Eastern Illinois University.

Jacob Froelich

Research Agronomist and Trial Manager at Cropsmith Inc.  











Connor Owens

Research Agronomist and Trial Manager at Cropsmith Inc.